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VM68.com is for those looking for some of the best information on the VM-68 paintball gun and paintball guns from Palmer's Pursuit Shop. Some of Palmer's fine 'guns include the Typhoon, Stroker, and Blazer. If you are looking for up to the minute information on what is the latest and greatest in the paintball world, well, you've come to the wrong place. Put if you are looking for TONS of useful info and tips on these classic paintball guns, look no further!


Hmm. It's been a while since I updated. Between working second shift and some ongoing projects I don't have the ambition to do much with the site. I do have some ideas for the site but I'll have to see what I can do to find the time and energy to actually, yah know, do something about it.

I whipped up a side feed adapter for my Tippmann F/A a while back. Pictures here, here, and here. If you're interested in one drop me a line and we'll talk price. I have a hopper adapter in mind but I'll need to find some time to make a prototype before I offer anything.


And we're back. Sorry about the extended down time. Between going to school full time, working part time, and having 3 kids under 5 years old at home the web site wasn't exactly on the forefront of my mind the last few months.

MXP will also be back although I can't say for sure when at this point. The database got fubared last year so I'd have to completely resetup the site which will take some serious time. Something I don't have a lot of these days. We'll see what summer brings. If you're in need some something (VM hammer or valve orings, main springs, screw sets, etc.) email me. I can't promise my response time will be quick but I'll do my best to help you out.

Just as an aside, be sure to check out ASP's new Cocker threaded 'Blockhead' Phantom bodies. Have Blue has had these in development for some time and it's nice to see this product come to fruition.


There's still a few items for sale in my post below. For best results, email me if you're interested in anything. Thanks to those who have bought stuff. It's really helped out.

If you'd be interested in a VMX Pro-Shot kit drop me a line. I may do a small run in the near future. I recently whipped one up for a customer and I'm happy with how it turned out [1 - 2 - 3]. Mine is the raw aluminum unit in the pics. Price will vary from $25 to $30 [price changed 4/4/09] depending on how many people are intersted. Black anodizing may be an option but that has yet to be determined.

I may also consider doing a run of Rainmaker frame adapters/mac mounts. You can view some pics and a little info here. Price hasn't been finalized but will most likely be between $50 and $75 [price changed 4/4/09].

I'm also going to try and whip up a few other odds and ends this summer. I'll post more about this as it developes.


Here you go folks! [link deleted 4/4/09] Cocker parts, VM parts, Bushy Parts, and lots of odds and ends.


Just a heads up for those of you looking for VM and Cocker parts. I've decided to sell the majority of my spare parts collection. I have a large stockpile of parts to sell. The plan as of today is to list everything at MCB next Saturday the 15th at about noon Central time. Get your Paypal accounts ready. I'll be posting a lot of parts.

Please do not email me asking what will be available, prices or to call dibs. I'm giving everyone a fair chance to pick stuff up here.


And we're back online. I finally got things set up with the new web host but I hadn't had time to get the site uploaded. Sorry about the downtime.

I've been extremely busy with school, work (got a new job as a machinist), and family life so I'm running way, way behind on email. In fact, you'd probably be better off not emailing me unless it's about something really important. Most general questions could be best answered in the forums at MCarterBrown. Lots of knowledgeable people there.

Sorry, no other news or updates. Just haven't had the time!


Just a heads up. I wont' have internet access for about a week because of the move so any orders received will be delayed. All orders received as of 9:30 pm central time today have been shipped. I'm also running waaay behind on email (what else is new). I'll get caught up as soon as I can.

Also, yes, I am aware that some people are having problems viewing the pictures at the MXP web site. I'll get it sorted out as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience!


I'm very happy to announce that Mass Extinction Paintball is now open. MXP is my official paintball business. This is something I've been working towards for some time now. Many thanks to Have Blue for his assistance.

VM68.com is also moving. We'll be switching hosts soon so there may be a hiccup in service. We're also physically moving. We bought my Grandparent's house (see the last update) and will be moving next weekend. Please be patient. I'll get to orders and email as soon as I can.

Old news has been archived.

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