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Page last updated: 02/27/07

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Personal Web Pages 
VM-68 Related Sites
The VM Empire The only other major web site about VMs that's still being updated. Check it out!
D-Day's Vm-68 Page Some good info.
Ponytail's Paintball Web Page Some good info and pics.
Assassin Kit for VM-68 The Assassin Kit is similar to the Pro-Comp kit.
Paint Magazine - How It Works How the VM-68 works.
Palmer/POG Related Sites
Blake's Paintball Site Blake's site has some good info including pics of his Classic 'Phoon & Super Stocker.
RP's Paintball Pages Fellow co-author of the Palmer site. Brent always has lots of toys ;)
Noodlehoops.com niteHawk's site has pics of Team POG.
Misc. Sites
Warpig It's Warpig, what else do I need to say.
HaveBlue's Homepage Lots of technical odds and ends. Good site for the tinkerer.
Patently Absurd HaveBlue's list of paintball patents.
The Physics of Paintball Does your $1500 Angel shoot farther than a $20 Talon? Nope. Find out why.
Stock Class Paintball A site dedicated to stock class play.
Damage Inc. Homepage Lots of pics of old school paintball guns.
Team Pukin' Dogs Scenario team with a very informative web site.
Brush Fire Games Wisconsin's largest indoor paintball facility. The Largest Indoor field East of the Rockies!
The Paintball Museum HaveBlue's work-in-progress Paintball Museum.
Vintage Rex VintageRex is dedicated to the collection and preservation of Paintball's History.
Doc's Barrel ID Guide A useful tool for identifying those mystery barrels.
Sheridan Recognition Guide Guide for identifying old Sheridan pump guns.
EMR Paintball Museum EMR's International Paintball Museum in Hallstead, PA.
Paintball Forums 
POG Forum One of the best forums on the web! Great place, great people!
Tinker's Guild Forum Good place for all you do-it-yourselfers.
VM Empire Forum A good place for all die-hard VMers.
PGPOG Forum Place for discussion of the PGP and other Sheridan 'guns.
DocsMachine.com's Classifieds Page A forum based for sale page.
The IPR Bulletin Boards Lots of specialized message boards.
MCarterBrown.com THE place for old school paintball.
Paintball Custom Shops 
KPCS Maker of the Scout and Ma-Deuce-A!
Doc's Machine & Airsmith Services One of the world's best custom shops!
Punisher Customs Another superb airsmith that isn't afraid of a challenge.
Palmer's Pursuit Shop Famous for the Typhoon, Blazer, and other guns.
Mad Customs Specializing in Sheridan and Nelson based pumps guns.
White Wolf Airsmithing Specializes in Cockers. Does a wide variety of other things.
Air Soldier Products Paintball Gun Upgrades and Repairs. Specializing in Tribals.
Paintball Maxx Home of the Sniper SHO.
Masses Machine Shop Specializes in pump guns and custom wood stocks.
Rainman229.com Specializes in Rainmakers.
Logic Paintball Home of the Vert Mag frames and other custom parts.
Warped Airsmithing Does eye installs on Angels as well as CNC work.
Sergison Machine Maker of K-Frame for Sheridans and other cool stuff.
Owner Groups/ User Groups 
Air Power Owners Group A place the the Apex nelson based pumps and Vector semi.
Palmer Owner's Group The best place to look for all things Palmer, the POG.
PGP Owners Group The PGPOG is an excellent resource for old Sheridan pumpers.
Armson Semi-Auto FAQ Ok, not an owner group but still useful.
Stingray Toters INternet Group A lot of Stingray & Stingray 2 info, the STING.
TS1 Owner's Group The TSOOG.
AutoMags Online The official Automag owners group.
KP Owners Group The KPOG for the Sheridan K1, K2, KP2, KP2-DF, and KP3.
Phantom Owners Group The PhOG.
Rainmaker Owners Group The RMOG.
Sterling Owners Group Sterling Info Page.
Brass Eagle Owners Group Not just for the new plastic stuff, also for the old stuff that used to be (and still is) quite good.
AutoCocker Owners Group The COG.
A-5 Owners Group Everything you could ever want to know about the Tippmann A-5.
Hurricane Owners Group Dedicated to the Palmer Hurricane and other wood stocked guns.
Paintball Stores 
Air Soldier Products  
888 Paintball  
Compulsive Paintball  
County Paintball  
Paintball Discounters  
G3 Paintball  
I&I Sports  
Action Village  
Paintball Pins  
Mad Cocker  
Chipley Custom Machine Top quality Sniper pump kits and other parts.
Bunker Boyz  
Wevo Paintball  
Gun Manufactures 
32 Degrees PT Xtreme and the Rebel.
Air Concepts Makers of the F4 Illustrator.
Airgun Designs Made famous for the 68AutoMag, AutoMag RT, and E-Mag.
AKA Performance Paintball Home of the Excalibur and Viking.
Alien Paintball Makers of the very unique Alien gun.
ATS, Inc. Makers of the TS1 and AT85R.
Bob Long Home of the Defiant and Intimidator.
Brass Eagle Makers of cheap pumps like the Talon and Blade, but also home of the Rainmaker, Raptor, Stingray 1 and 2, Tiger Shark pump, and several old pumps.
Componet Concepts, Inc. Makers of the popular Phantom Pump.
DYE Home of the DYE Matix.
Gun f/x Home of the Car68 used for police and military training.
ICE Home of the Epic.
Indian Creek Design Formally Line SI and known for their Bushmaster pumps, now makes the Puma, Bobcat, Alley Cat, Thunder Cat, Desert Fox, Bushmaster B2k, and BKO.
Palmer's Pursuit Shop High end custom guns like the Blazer, Typhoon, and Stroker.
Sheridan Paintball Now called Gameface, although they'll always be Sheridan to me.
Smart Parts Makers of the Shocker, Impulse, and many barrels.
Tippmann Pneumatics A-5, 98 Custom, Model 98, Pro-Carbine, 68 Carbine, Factory F/A, Pro-Lite, Mini-Lite, Pro-Am, SL-68 II, 68 Special, SMG-68, SL-68, SMG-60...
USA Performance Products Home of the Viper M1.
Worr Game Products Home of the ever popular AutoCocker.
WDP Makers of the very popular Angel.
Barrel Manufactures 
32 Degrees Carbon fiber, Whisper, Quiet Riot, etc.
Custom Products Maker of a quality barrels, drops, and many other parts.
J & J Performance Home of J&J barrels.
Lapco Paintball Probably the highest quality barrels money can buy!
Palmer's Pursuit Shop Custom brass barels starting from $50.
Pro-Team Products, Inc. Armson barrels.
Smart Parts Famous for the All American barrel and the Freak barrel system.
DYE High quality barrels including the poplular Boomstick.
Paintball Parts & Gear Manufactures 
Adco Paintball sight manufacture.
Air America AA specializes in air systems and regulators.
Allen Paintball Products, Inc.  
Cooper-T Maker of the original backspin bolt for VMs and many old PMI upgrades.
Custom Products Maker of a quality barrels, drops, and many other parts.
JT USA The leader in paintball goggle systems.
Kennesaw Mountain Markers Makers of upgrade boards for electronic paintball guns.
Odyssey Paintball Home of the FAST Halo loader.
Paintball Mania Supplies HPA systems.
Redz Comfort Makes cool ball haulers, barrel bags, gun covers, etc.
Ricochet 2k Another new agitating loader.
RP Scherer Premium Gold, Marballizer, & All-Star paintball makers.
ViewLoader Made famous by their motorized loaders. (now owned by Brass Eagle)
G-Force Paintball Gemini kit for Cockers as well as the new 68Super.
Maddmann Products Sping kits and Rocket valves.
Tag Sportz The exclusive supplier of the KM2 Predator 2 board.
Other Great Links 
Caswell Sells Electroplating Kits, Plating Kits, Anodizing, Powder Coating and Metal Polishing Supplies
Clippard Online Rams, valves, fittings, they've got it all!
McMaster Carr Lots of parts.
Online Metals Small quantities of a large variety of metals and fancy plastics.
P.K. Selective The world standard in annodizing.
Small Parts Drill bits, taps, dies, materials, supplies, and more.
Thomas Distributing 9.6 Volt @ 170mAH NiMH Planview Rechargeable Batteries. Great for hoppers.
Battery Supply 9.4 Volt @ 200mAH NiMH Tysonic Rechargeable Batteries. Great for hoppers.
POWEREX Paintball Products Rechargeable 9 vold batteries for paintball guns and hoppers..
Drill and Tap table Drill and Tap table.
Nick Carter's Tools Everything you ever wanted to know about Taig mills and lathes.