Apple USB Keyboard

When I wanted to start building another joystick, I thought it would be best to do a keyboard hack over a gamepad or joystick hack. Since Apple's USB keyboards were pretty cheap I picked one up. Well little did know this was not a good keyboard to choose.

A lot of keyboards have PCBs where there are seperate solder points for each key. Well, the Apple USB keyboard does not use a PCB for the key matrix, it uses a two thin plastic sheets. The two sheets lay over each other forming a matrix. I have scanned the sheets and have them online below.

It is technically posible to make this work and I am doing it right now. It's taking a lot of work and is getting expensive, but at least I will prove it can be done (but at what price :-\

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Lower Keyboard Matrix

Upper Keyboard Matrix

Apple USB keyboard matrix

3-10 is for the Upper matrix. 1 and 2 are not listed because they are for the caps lock key light. 1-17 are for the Lower matrix.

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 keypad + - [ ' space enter keypad * keypad -
2 esc ` tab caps lock left shift F12 return F9
3 F1 1 Q A Z F7 F10
4 F2 2 W S X F8 F11
5 F3 3 E D C keypad . = ]
6 F4 4 R F V keypad 0 delete \
7 control
8 option
9 left apple
10 right shift left shift return
11 right apple
12 F5 5 T G B left arrow help
13 up arrow 6 Y H N down arrow home
14 keypad 6 number 0 P ; / keypad 3 keypad / keypad 9
15 keypad 5 9 letter O L . keypad 2 keypad = keypad 8
16 keypad 4 8 I K , keypad 1 clear keypad 7
17 F6 7 U J M right arrow page up page down