Marker Collection - Paintball Patch Collection

I started this site in the fall of '97 as a way to share what info I had about VMs and teach myself HTML. Originally the only content on the site was the VM FAQ 6.1 which I had just finished updating, some info about the VM trigger, and a little info about the Tippmann F/A. Over time I collected more and more info to post. I eventually got into PPS markers and created a section for them.

Some time around '98 I started up the VM-68 Owners Group (VMOG) as Owners Groups were all the rage at the time. Like a lot of owners groups at the time it started out slow but grew with time. Several months after starting it I passed ownership of the VMOG over to GothicMetal who had expressed an interest in running it if I ever didn't have the time for it. He also ran the Angel Owners Group at the time so I knew he was more than qualified. The VMOG was up for quite some time and then was abruptly taken down along with the whole domain where it was hosted. Although I never confirmed anything I knew GothicMetal and his wife had a child around that time so that probably had something to do with it.

Also at some point in '98 I helped get Palmer's web site up and running. Originally when Brent Hoefling purchased the domain it wasn't going to be the official Palmer site, however, that's what it ended up being. I offered to help Brent with the site since I had recently HTML-ized the Palmer catalog. For the first couple years much the Palmer site was based off those original designs. I put a lot of work into the Palmer site but I was never really happy with the layout. In late '99/early '00 Craig Palmer started to redesign the site and he got it looking much better. I never received anything for the work I did with the site nor did I expect anything. I'm just glad I was able to help out.

For the first 2 years or so I updated the site on a regular basis. Almost daily at times. However, my interests changed and I was going to be getting married in the summer of '99. After I got married updates to the site became more sporadic. A lot was changing and I didn't have time for paintball or site updates.

After a brief lull I got back into paintball. Seeing that there was a need for replacement parts for VMs I started sourcing some of the easier to find parts and offering them for sale on the site. By the early/mid 2000s I had built up a moderately successful little hobby business selling parts on the site. I eventually purchased another domain just for the online store. Things were going pretty good for a while... and then everything changed.

Between July '07 and May '08 we moved, I went back to school, I got a new job, and we had our 3rd child. If I would have been able to go to school full time I would have been done in 2 years but I still needed to work. The 3 years while I was in school were probably the most taxing period of my life. Balancing school, work, and 3 young kids put a lot of strain on my wife and I. In the end, though, it was all worth the effort.

What was I going to school for? Machine tool. Originally I just wanted to learn how to better use the mill and lathe I already owned, however, my boss at the time made it clear that he didn't appreciate my attempt at self improvement so I quit and started at the largest machine shop in town. Best desicion I could have made. I really enjoy what I do and hope to get back into paintball work soon.

After the site redesign there were a few pages that didn't make the cut. They're still on the site but they will not be updated. The Links page, for example, is still there. Also, the only place you'll find a link to the update archive is right here seeing as how I'm probably the only person that cares about it.

Doc Whiteboard VM Sketch