-Mortal Kombat 1-

Proto 9.0

Kombo / Turbo 3.1

Nifty Kombo

T-Unit 4.0/5.0

-Mortal Kombat 2-






NBA Jam TE 1.0


Mortal Kombat II v2.1 "Baby Basher"

This chipset for Mortal Kombat II is an early version of the game that has a few bugs in it. This one is known for the Babality glitch. After you do a Babality, the game allows you to do more. You can perform 2 babalities and then another move. Or three babalities, a babality and a friendship (see the pics) or whatever you can think up to try. Some combinations will crash the program, causing it to reset (like using Baraka's blades on a baby - it'll work, but it'll likely reset the board as well.)

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