-Mortal Kombat 1-

Proto 9.0

Kombo / Turbo 3.1

Nifty Kombo

T-Unit 4.0/5.0

-Mortal Kombat 2-






NBA Jam TE 1.0


Mortal Kombat II- Challenger

The Mortal Kombat II Challenger (sometimes called Immortal Kombat) chipset has some special features including a more difficult fight ladder that often begins with Kintaro or a hidden character. Other notable features include the multiple Dead Pool Fatality where you can punch the opponent out of the acid and make them stick in the air (and just a normal uppercut will knock them in the acid to begin with). Johnny Cage has full time red shadow moves and all of the secret characters can appear on the fight ladder. You also have super extended (infinite?) time to perform fatalities, fight Noob a lot sooner, play Pong a lot sooner, and uppercuts are faster. This is a hack of the 3.1 version ROMs.

IMHO, this is the best MK2 hack out there.

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