-Mortal Kombat 1-

Proto 9.0

Kombo / Turbo 3.1

Nifty Kombo

T-Unit 4.0/5.0

-Mortal Kombat 2-






NBA Jam TE 1.0


Mortal Kombat II v. 4.2

This chipset for Mortal Kombat II upgrades it to version 4.2. This hacked version has some features not found in the normal final release (ver 3.1) including faster uppercuts, full time red shadow moves for Johnny Cage, fight Noob Saibot after only 6 wins, fight smoke whenever you catch the "toasty" guy (not just the portal stage), play pong a lot sooner, mixed ladder, and probably more. You can also do the multiple dead pool fatality in this version.

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