-Mortal Kombat 1-

Proto 9.0

Kombo / Turbo 3.1

Nifty Kombo

T-Unit 4.0/5.0

-Mortal Kombat 2-






NBA Jam TE 1.0


Mortal Kombat 3.1 Turbo

Mortal Kombat I 3.1 Turbo/Kombo board: Take Mortal Kombat and kick up the speed; then tweek the game play for more juggling and you have this game. Other features include Sub-Zero's levitating freeze (freeze the opponent and they float to the top of the screen - devastating combo possibilities!) and Reptile comes out to fight more readily (see the picture - note that Scorpion didn't get a flawless victory and this isn't the pit stage). This is the best version of MK by far - the Kombo board brings the speed up to MK2 standards.

The board can be converted back, all you have to do is remove the daughterboard and one rom and replace them with the standard roms. MK version ROMs go in sockets U89 and U105 and these are the sockets that the Kombo version uses. The Kombo version is based on version 3.0 (the test screen calls it 3.1 Turbo).

The small PCB holds the second rom, a clock crystal, and a PAL chip (which is likely for copy protection).

MK rom/cpu layout
Mortal Kombat PCB ROM and CPU layout

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