-Mortal Kombat 1-

Proto 9.0

Kombo / Turbo 3.1

Nifty Kombo

T-Unit 4.0/5.0

-Mortal Kombat 2-






NBA Jam TE 1.0


Mortal Kombat T-Unit Board

The MK T-Unit was an official Midway game board. Basically, Midway came out with a better piece of hardware (the T-Unit motherboard) which is what NBA Jam and MKII run on. Toward the end of the MK hardware run, they switched to this motherboard. If you look at it, it looks just like an NBA Jam board, but with MK roms on it. The version of the game (program roms) are at UG12 and UJ12 as opposed to U89 and U105 on the older version. The version roms for the T-unit won't work on the older MK board, so you would have to have a T-unit to run 5.0

Additionally, MK 4.0 was released for the T-Unit board, however, it had bugs in it. Because of this Midway released version 5.0 for the T-Unit which was basically just a bug fix release.

MK rom/cpu layout
Mortal Kombat PCB ROM and CPU layout

Mortal Kombat T-Unit PCB ROM and CPU layout

Mortal Kombat II PCB ROM and CPU layout