SNES Mortal Kombat Game Genie Codes

Back when Mortal Kombat first came out for the SNES I spent hours trying to find Game Genie codes for the game. Most of the codes I found myself by just trying different codes over and over again. Here are some of the best ones I came up with.

The Reptile Kode
This is the best code I ever found!

This code (656A-47AF) is actually a couple codes in one. So to make it easier I'll explain it as if you were using the code in a one player or two player game.

If you're playing a one player game, start as anyone you want. After you beat the person from the 1st match you will start another match, this time against Reptile. You will keep fighting Reptile until you turn off the Game Genie. If you do turn off the Game Genie you will continue your game as usual. If you turn the Game Genie back on, after you beat your opponent you will fight Reptile again. If you lose a match to Reptile and you continue, you will continue as Scorpion. But if you lose and don't continue, you can watch the computer play against itself as Reptile vs. Reptile (one energy bar says Scorpion). If you want to start a new game, let the computer beat itself and don't continue. You will then go to the title screen.

If you're playing a 2 player game, player 2 can play as Reptile... sort of. Start a 2 player game and have player 2 choose Scorpion or Sub-Zero as their fighter. Then have player 2 beat up player 1 and don't continue. The next match will then be against Reptile. Have player 1 join in. Player 1 will automatically start as Scorpion. Then when player 2 begins playing, Scorpion or Sub-Zero will be in Reptile's green uniform and it will say Reptile in your energy bar. However, even though you look like Reptile you still can't do both Scorpion's and Sub-Zero's special moves. You can only do one or the others. If you choose someone other than those two fighters your character will be a strange green color.

For a little added "bonus", try the code 676A-47AF. This code has a little glitch, but it still works fine.

These are not modified screens. Try it yourself in your favorite SNES emu!

Some other good codes I've made

ED6A-47AF    Test your might after each match (turn off Game Genie to continue game)
D5BA-3044    If hit in the air, takes a while to land
6DB8-3D67    Get flawless bonus even if hit
DAE7-3D07    Sky doesn't get dark after doing a fatality
6D67-3FOD    Fight Reptile in any stage with a double flawless and finishing bonus.
99BC-370F    First person to score 2 hits wins the round
ED6A-47DF    Can trip from anywhere on screen if you're on the left side. Most other moves do no damage.

Here are the rest of my codes. I didn't come up with all of these, but most of the wierd ones are mine. Feel free to distribute these codes around the net but please give me credit.