PPS Blazer FAQ

Last Revision: 02/25/03

Q: Who makes Blazer barrels other than Palmer's?

A: BOA and Titanium Paintball made Blazer barrels. Lapco also made a run of 12" BigShot barrels, however, they are no longer in production. Almost any barrel can be made to fit a Blazer though.

Q: What is the best barrel to modify to fit a Blazer?

A: Angel barrels work the best because they have a long threaded section which is almost as long as the Blazer's mounting area. However, nearly any barrel could be fitted to a Blazer.

Q: Can a Smart Parts Freak barrel be modified for a Blazer?

A:Well, yes and no. After machining off the threads, the metal on the back would be paper thin and could collapse without much effort. With walls .025" thick, (slightly thinner than the insert itself) long-term durability would be definite problem.

Q: Are there any aftermarket parts for the Blazer that aren't made by Palmer's?

A: White Wolf Airsmithing and GDD Customs both made Delrin bolts. Doc's Machine also makes the "Fatbob" cocking block for pre-2k Blazers.

Q: Are there any custom shops that do Blazer work?

A: Doc's Machine, Punisher's Customs, and GDD Customs all do Blazer work of some sort. For example, I had Doc install shims in my standard Blazer frame to reduce side-to-side play in the trigger. Punisher can install non-Blazer specific .45 frames.

Q: Can the Blazer's body be milled?

A: Not really. The way the Blazer is designed it has very little extra 'meat' on it. There are a few spots that could be slightly milled but nothing really worth doing.

Q: Is there an electro Blazer available?

A: Punisher's Customs produced a prototype E-Blazer. A write-up about it can be read here.

Q: Is there a pump kit for the Blazer?

A: Again, Punisher's Customs produced a prototype pump kit. The write-up is on the same page as the E-Blazer PPS now produces an offical pump kit.

Q: What is the Tempest?

A: The Tempest is Craig Palmer's personal Blazer that has been modified with a reactive trigger. It is the only one Craig will make so, no, you can't have one.

Q: Can a low pressure chamber be installed on a Blazer?

A: With a little work, yes. LPC's for pre-2k AutoCockers are the same thread size as the Blazer's front air screw. The LPC will have to be shortened, however, and a properly fitting o-ring will need to be found.

Q: What are the differences between new and old Blazers?

A: Starting in September '02, Palmer's started distributing slightly different Blazers. The new Blazers have the following differences:

Thanks to Movie Guy for the list of differences!

Q: My Blazer has a 'D' after the serial number? What does that mean?

A: From Craig Palmer: 'D' as in duplicate. Two Blazers have the same serial number. Since they get hand stamped and recorded, mistakes do happen. It usually happens on the last gun of a batch and the next gun of new batch.