Punisher's Blazer Mods

By Punisher. Originally posted at the Tinker's Guild Forum

The main reason the Typhoon has an... ermmm.... leisurely cocking speed is due to the rather large bore of the ram followed by the length of the air lines running to and from the 4-way, not to mention a few really tight bends in the grip frame.

Adding QEV's (quick exhaust valves) to the 'Phoon might help a bit but nothing astonishing. I tried it recently on a test gun here, it'll crisp things up but not much faster in the end.

One thing you can do is replace that fat ram with one that has less piston area. Let's face it, Cocker mini rams with 1/4" pistons have been used to cock PGP semis, the Typhoon isn't gonna flounder with a smaller diameter ram. I have a neat little ram that I have Parker make. It's got a 3/8" piston in a stainless bore, #10-32tpi rod threads and mounts up with the same 7/16"-20tpi thread at the business end. I use it in a lot of Typhoon/Stroker custom work.

As for the Blazer.... it's a different story. There's a TON of friction and drag in the system.

The cocking block typically rubs the body.
The ram itself has a massive amount of internal friction.
The bolt's O-rings are a big source of the drag as well.

Wanna speed your blazer up? Not afraid of some significant work? Read on.....

1) Cut a couple thousandths off the inside of the piston's o-ring groove and maybe a thousandth wider.

2) Lap and polish the ram's shaft: take a thou or so off and leave mirror smooth.

3) Fitted Delrin bolt. White Wolf makes a nice one, I've done a few too. Doc's capable too. It's a good mod for the Blazer.... no fat o-rings to swell and get fatter!

4) If you're seeing scuffing where the cocking block rides, remove some material from the back side, sand, polish and refit.

5) Nelson spring conversion. PPS hates the mention but it's worth doing for several reasons. First, you're able to tune the gun far easier and more precisely. Second, lighter springing and less drag means lower cocking pressure...... less apt to chop. It's also easier to cycle quickly with less compound stress on the ram. You'll need a custom hammer, velocity adjuster but I've made a few before. Not hard to do.