Palmer's Pursuit Shop

Animation by Chris Mader Palmer's Pursuit Shop has been producing hand crafted paintball guns since the late 80's. The automation system Glenn Palmer designed for his closed bolt guns is the same that was eventually used in WGP Autocockers.

PPS produces many guns including the Typhoon, Blazer, and Stroker. Since it's introduction, over 2000 Typhoons have been built. The Typhoon is available in bottomline, vertical, back, and dual bottle configurations. Although the Typhoon isn't very customizable compared to other guns like AutoCockers, a stock Typhoon is an excellent gun and very reliable right out of the box. Maintenance is also very simple.


Dual Bottle Typhoon

PPS also makes a very interesting variation of the Typhoon: the Nasty. A Nasty Typhoon is a double barreled beast. Most Nasty's are semi autos with the barrels side-by-side, however, Palmer's does make an over/under version. PPS also makes double barreled versions of the Hurricane and their pump guns.

Nasty Typhoon

Nasty Typhoon

Another popular Palmer gun is the Stroker. The Stroker isn't a single gun, it's a semi auto conversion. Most Strokers are converted PMI-1/2s, P68s, Piranhas, or PGPs Functionally Strokers are almost identical to Typhoons. One exception is that they are slightly less efficient with CO2. The cost for a Stroker conversion varies depending on the base gun and ASA configuration. Check with PPS for current pricing and options.

Palmer's newest gun is the 2k Blazer. It is their highest performance gun yet! Unlike Cockers, there are no external hoses for the pneumatic system. Everything in internal, including the 4-way and LPR. The Blazer is also more customizable than their brass guns with an anodizable aluminum body, removable barrel, and other parts.

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