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Misc Tech Info

Standard Drill Sizes - Decimal Equivalents chart: click here

Drill and Tap Chart - click here

Calculating speeds and feeds: 3.82 x Surface Foot Per Minute (SFM) / diameter. Part diameter for lathes; tool diamter for mills. So, for example, a 1/2 HSS end mill in stainless (50 SFM) would be 3.82 x 50 / .5 = 382 RPMs.

M5 is actually M5x0.8 (.197-31.75 TPI) and 10-32 (.190-32 TPI) would be (M4.83x0.794). So it's .007 bigger and has a 0.8% shorter pitch. Very close but not the same.

Sheridan 12 gram CO2 knob threads: 13/16-28
Taps at MSC: Bottoming or Plug.

Sheridan valve retaining nut threads: 21/32-32
This is a custom tap. You won't find it 'off the shelf'.

Angel feed tube threads: M21.0 x 0.75
This is a custom tap.

Nelson power tube inside diameters:
number - ID
0 - 0.125" (1/8")
2 - 0.141"
4 - 0.156"
6 - 0.187"