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Do you have a picture of your custom VM? Send it in and I'll post it!

Mike Wallis, editor of Paint Magazine, sent me this pic of his old PMI-3. You can tell it's an early VM by the elongated cocking slot and aluminum side rails. It also has a 1st generation Smart Parts All American barrel..

From the owner Mark Gandzyk: "Body is stock '68, with a customized Air America 'Terrorist' rearline.  All airlines are steelbraid, and fittings were machined to match everything up. The 'bottle' on the front is not a spare CO2 tank... I gutted a bottle, machined a brass tube with fins that fits down inside it, that flows the air through the top of the bottle, then back up and out thru the bottom center, making one hell of an expansion tank. With the red valve on the back, it's capable of firing through about 1/2 a game on just the front cylinder. (I 'bottle up' before the game starts with a 12-oz tank to pressurize the gun, then close the valve, and load on a 24 or 30 oz tank in the back). Surprisingly, it is pretty good on air usage, though... I can play about 2 1/2 games on 1 charge of CO2.

I re-ported the air path in the gun to allow for more air volume per shot, changed the cupseal to neoprene, installed a venturi bolt, machined a new lower bolt out of hard aluminum alloy, trimmed the shear in the trigger mechanism, and installed a wide brass single-finger trigger shoe.

Barrel was machined at a local machine shop by a friend of mine, out of 440 stainless steel, then micropolished over the length. It fires smoothly, and the ball-breakage is nearly zero... up to around 375-380 FPS. I have managed to fire it at over 400 FPS, but it does start shearing balls...but at that velocity, it can also put dent in a car door about 1/2" deep at 8 feet (something I found out by accident one day...dammit...).

Blue anodized, Taso Eliminator barrel, Assualt stock, and wood grip. Here's another pic of it.
SP All American barrel and a Thompson stock. (click picture for full size)
The "chicken killer".
A plain VM but the tripod is neat.
What looks to be a mildly custom Carter VM. I'm surprised it wasnt' reanodized.
Nice adjustable 'sniper' stock.
Nice looking camo job.
Pro-Comp v3 upgraded VM with a powerfed and SP AA barrel.
Here's a nice old VM. It has the old factory original aluminum side rails and a Taso Thompson stock.

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Chris' VMs - VMX's - Snipers - Machined Bodies - Classics

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