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Pro-Comp v.3

By Airgun Dynamics

NOTE: AirGun Dynamics has gone out of business which means you'll only be able to find the Pro-Comp V.3 used. And no, I don't know where you can find any.

The PRO-COMPv.3 is the best upgrade you can get for your VM. Period. However, it comes at a price. It is expensive, costing just as much if not more than a new VM at $150. The PRO-COMPv.3 lightens up your gun, has rear cocking, offers quick field stripping, reduces recoil, and more.

Everyone that has shot a VM knows it has a lot of recoil. A VM has a lot of recoil due to the arrangement of the main spring (top tube) and the insanely heavy hammer (9 oz.). With a hammer that heavy moving back and forth in the gun you can't help but have a lot of recoil. Reclocating the main spring to the lower tube helps but even a VM with a Pro-Shot kit still has a fair amount of recoil. However, a VM with the Pro-Comp reduces recoil to almost nothing. It uses both a much lighter hammer and moves the main spring to the lower tube. The first time I shot my gun with it, my jaw dropped to the ground.

The VM, like a lot of guns, can be very loud. However, between a 16" All American barrel with its spiral porting and the side panels/bolt slot covers the noise level dropped drastically.

One problem you will probably have with the Pro-Comp is feeding. With the lighter internals a non-motorized loader will have trouble feeding (chopped balls or blank shots). This is caused by the lighter internals not shaking the gun around as much. However, a motorized loader like a VL2000 or Revolution will solve the problem. I bought a VL2000 from a friend and no longer had feeding problems.

Because most of the parts with the Pro-Comp are made of Delrin you have to be careful with them. Although Delrin is a very durable material the parts can still be chipped, scored, or broken. Also, the hammer can be scored from the primary sear during firing. MAKE SURE YOU SAND DOWN THE SEAR AS THE INSTUCTIONS DESCRIBE! DAMAGE WILL OCCUR IF YOU DO NOT! You should also read these notes about Delrin from Chris of AGD.


The Pro-Comp will allow you to run your VM on EXTREMELY low pressure. I don't know for sure what the lowest pressure level is, but my guess is less than 200 psi. My VM ran until the tank was basically empty.

Shortly after I received the kit, I got the trigger upgrade and I must say I didn't care for it too much. If you have a completely stock trigger it would help a lot, but I did work with mine before I got the upgrade. If you follow the instructions on my VM Trigger Page, you can shorten the pull up a lot, similar to what the AGD upgrade does. The AGD upgrade did shorten up my trigger pull a little though.


One of the nice little features I like about the kit is the rear cocking. A lot of guns have rear cocking these days (Spyders for example), however, when these guns shoot the cocking knob moves back and forth. To protect yourself you could add a beaver tail on the back of the gun. I for one don't like things flying in my face when I'm trying to aim and fire though. With the PRO-COMP, this isn't a problem. The rear cocking knob stays inside the gun body except when you cock it.

Another nice feature is the quick field stripping. Removing the quick pull pin on the side of the gun is all that's needed for the internals to be removed. One thing to note is the holes the pin goes through have be be drilled out bigger first.

Overall the PRO-COMPv.3 is an excellent upgrade. It reduces recoil, operating pressure, weight, and noise, and the trigger upgrade would be a big improvement for a stock VM. It is a little pricey, but if you are serious about paintballing and your VM it's worth it!

One thing I would like to point out is that Chris at AGD has been incredibly helpful and has been very courteous. He has been quick to give help and guidance when I have had problems and has just been an all round great guy. Thanks Chris!

The newer Pro-Comp Owner's Manual:

PRO-COMPv.3 Owner's Manual Cover
PRO-COMPv.3 Owner's Manual Page 1
PRO-COMPv.3 Owner's Manual Page 2
PRO-COMPv.3 Owner's Manual Page 3
PRO-COMPv.3 Owner's Manual Page 4
PRO-COMPv.3 Owner's Manual Page 5
PRO-COMPv.3 Owner's Manual Page 6
PRO-COMPv.3 Owner's Manual Figure 1 & 2
PRO-COMPv.3 Owner's Manual Figure 3
PRO-COMPv.3 Owner's Manual Figure 4
PRO-COMPv.3 Owner's Manual Price List

Old manual and additions:

PRO-COMPv.3 Manual.

PRO-COMPv.3 Manual Update.

Trigger Upgarade Instructions.

Trigger Installation.

This page was last changed: 06/12/01