Stealth Stock and Quiet Kill Bolt Cover

From Action Pursuit Games - June 1992

VM-68 Bullpup Converstion

Pneumatic Ordinance proudly introduces the Stealth Stock and the Quiet Kill Bolt Cover designed to convert your stock PMI-3/VM68 into a Bullpup configuration in minutes.

The stock is a mere 16 inches long and the overall Bullpup conversion is only 20 inches from end to end. The conversion moves the center of gravity over the hand and forearm, making one handed use easy. The buttstock fits snugly against the shoulder or in the crook of the arm for steady sighting or target acquisition.

The Quiet Kill Bolt Cover cuts recoil noise to a minimum and keeps the mechanism virtually dirt free. It is a safety MUST on older PMI-3's without reversible bolts. The cover slides forward for ease of access to the bolt charging handle.

The introductory price Stealth Stock is $89.95, the Quiet Kill Bolt Cover is $24.95. A special combination price for both items is $99.95. For more information, please contact Pneumatic Ordinance at 904/591-xxxx.

VM-68 Bullpup Conversion

NOTE: The above advertisement is 20+ years old. Do not call the phone number
in the ad expecting to get a kit (or for it to even work for that matter).

VM-68 Bullpup Conversion

Viper Paintball writes:
"The conversion kit shown here was actually developed and marketed by the "father of paintball scenarios", Wayne Dollack. That's his daughter, Wynter, in the ad."