"Where can I still buy VM parts?!"

This is a question that I get asked a lot. To help people out I've started this small list of places where VM owners can hopefully get what they're looking for. Some of these places may not have the below items in stock anymore so be sure to call/email first and check. Please let me know if any of these links become out dated.

The VM's stock grip is the Lonestar/Stowaway 2/M-16 grip. Grips for the following paintball guns should also fit on the VM-68, EXC-68, Magnum, and VMX: Older Spyders, F-1/F-2/F-4 Illustrator, Alley Cat, Bobcat, Puma, Thundercat, Dessert Fox, Rebel, Inferno, Traccer, Diablo, Hammer, Master, Maveric, TSI Select/ATS AT-85, Viper M1, Z1, MEGA-Z, Tornado, Spitfire, SI Pointman, Promaster SI, Bushmaster SI, Brute, Taso Typhoon, SMG 60/68, Tippmann 68 Special, original Tippmann SL-68, and many, many more.

Little Bit of Everything
Bacci Paintball Carries a wide variety of random parts for older guns.
eBay's Paintball Section If it ever existed it'll probably show up sooner or later. Search for VM-68, VM68, VM, ect.
Pro-Team Direct Currently has probably the best selection of parts.
Palmer's Pursuit Shop Replacement stock parts including valve rebuild kits, back bottle adapters, and bottom line hardware.
Lapco Top quality barrels and adapters.
Hammerhead Paintball At one point they made a VM barrel with interchangeable tips. Not sure if they still do.
Palmer's Pursuit Shop Custom made brass barrels.
Misc Parts
Benchmark Manufacturing .45 grips that will replace the VM's Lonestar/M-16 grip: $39.95
Doc Nickel Makes double finger triggers, Freak backs, and much, much more.
Custom Work
Doc Nickel Will pretty much do anything you want if you have the money.
Palmer's Pursuit Shop Custom work and performance tunes.
Tarantula Mods & Manufacturing Custom mill work. Check out the VM on the machined bodies page.

Other than those, just try around. Call or email and ask what places have for VM items. VM stuff is pretty hard to come by these days so you'll probably have to do some hunting.

Page last updated: 6/6/15